"I had the chance to eat lunch at Metropolitan Market on day 1 and Chipotle on day 2, and walk around and look at the property. It’s very impressive. That has to be one of the toughest sites ever for access and topo, yet it works very well. It’s obvious a lot of careful thought and planning went into the project. I can imagine it was a tough sell trying to explain it to the retailers and lenders...If ever a project deserved a NAIOP trophy for a high degree of difficulty execution, it is that one."

-Kevin Wallace, President & CEO of Wallace Properties, in regard to Sammamish Village

Experience You Can Trust


The TRF partnership consists of Bob, Doug, Phil, Rick and Tim. Each partner has decades of localized experience, deep resource networks and long established relationships. Working on a daily basis with the staff members of TRF Pacific, LLC and partnerships in varying properties, the group continues to explore opportunities for development, ownership and management one project at a time.

Projects & Acquisitions

TRF Pacific, LLC completed its 57th commercial real estate project in Sammamish, Washington.  With over 40 years of experience developing and managing prime retail and office projects up and down the West Coast and particularly in the Pacific Northwest, TRF is pleased to be a part of one of the first grocery-anchored mixed-use developments in the greater Seattle area in the past five years.

Investing with TRF

TRF approaches each development and project acquisition with an eye toward long-term ownership. While risk is inherent in any real estate investment, TRF has a proven ability to manage, coordinate and utilize the skills of its development and management teams to moderate risk and achieve great results. We have found that proactive management of rent growth combined with strong maintenance and operations creates long term value appreciation for TRF and its cadre of like-minded investors that exceeds short-term market fluctuations. If you have interest in investing in commercial real estate, please contact us.

For More Information on Investing with TRF Contact:

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Financing, Managing Partner, CEO
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